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On the Jennifer Lawrence photos

Real? or Conspiracy?

The issue at hand is that it’s not just nudes. It’s not just butt-naked selfies taken in the mirror of your bathroom. The fucking issue at hand is that the people the celebrities hang out with, have taken pictures of them and it has synced online. Photos that is of no concern to anyone. Photos so horrible that I am ashamed of my self to even look up. The fact that all this bothers me is that when I watch Jennifer Lawrence on interviews and her goofy smile that makes me smile, I get terribly upset that whatever she does backstage, behind the licensed studio cameras, is being spread and is of no one’s concern. I’m upset because this could jeopardize her career. Along with all other celebrities that have been leaked. I’m mad because this, depending on whichever theory of attempt the “hacker” used to get to these files, is fucking legal at least. 

I’m infuriated because I feel like part of me is torn apart after seeing these images. I refuse to stay blind to this event. I refuse to shut up. I for once, refuse to not regret this.  I hope he is condemned for his actions and intentions. May the celebrities be met with justice and kindness of the industry. 




Robin Williams street art tribute off Melrose in LA on 17 August 2014


Fuck. Heavy.

"You know, it only works if you have every piece."

the cave of origin


Having a crush is horrible